Send and receive Premium SMS through our shortcodes as many as possible. Generate revenue while delivering entertaimnet, News updates or Local content to your users either subscription based or On-demand. Its an effective way to communicate to your users when they need.

254SMS Shortcode

Beneficts of a shortcode

Brand recognition

Shortcodes are not tied to any particular location unlike phone numbers. Imagine a nationwide exclusive brand identity under one easy to remember number.


Higher Throughput & Performance

Send out your messages to customers in a timely manner without worrying about getting blocked or filtered. Default throughput starts at 50 messages per second.


Choice of Shortcodes

You have the power to chose and reserve the exclusive use of a unique shortcode number, or Phrase for your brand. For example 40038. Shortcodes are subject to number availability


Improved Deliverability

SMS sent using short codes allow for application-to-person use cases like alerts & notifications and offers higher delivery rates than regular long phone numbers

Industries Using 254SMS Shortcodes already

254sms Shortcodes

Online Retail – Improve your engagement with customers by sending SMS text messaging contests, promotions, as well as improve customer service and customer loyalty through reward campaigns.


Healthcare – Enhance patient experiences and rapport by improving healthcare communication, reducing appointment no-shows with SMS alerts, delivering time critical emergency health services, and optimizing public health campaigns.


Transportation & Logistics – Optimize complex logistics and virtually any process that requires instant communication by using SMS text messages. Including, rideshare coordination, tracking supply chain inventory levels, order confirmations, shipment delivery, product returns and recalls.


Customer Service – Create the best customer care experience by providing tailored loyalty programs, accelerating support ticket responses, gathering product feedback, and sending timely order notifications all via SMS text messages directly to the customer’s mobile phone.


Financial Services – Enable two-factor authentication via SMS text message and protect your customers with an additional layer of security for any type of customer transaction including account activity alerts, money transfers, and bill payments


Entertainment – Send customized entertainment updates to your subscribers and generate revenue. Share local content, news updates or music files with ease

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