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Airtime TopUp

With our airtime solutions, you will be able to send bulk airtime or single airtime to your customers with ease. You can easily reward you clients with airtime across any network.

We have airtime interface where you can manage all your transactions with ease. Adding of clients, top up Airtime Credits and Disbursement of airtime with ease. Be able to schedule a bulk transfer when you need.

Airtime TopUp Features


Instant Delivery

With a click of a button airtime is credited immediately to your customer. No delays or downtime across all our carriers .


Large Volumes

Our application has been designed to handle large amount of data at any given time. Upload your customers airtime and send by a click of a button


High Automation

Our systems are Highly automated to ensure fast delivery and less work on your end when sending credits to your customers. Sign up and get started

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254SMS Shortcodes